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I hope you are prepared because SUMMER is here!  It seems like just yesterday we were wrapping up after the HOA Annual Workday and Members Meeting.  The temperatures are rising and the lake is getting more attractive by the day.  In this President’s Message, I’m hoping to update you a bit on Board and neighborhood activities.  Of course, please do not hesitate to reach out to me (info@edh-hoa.com) if you have any questions.


I’ll start by letting you know that the Board is now trying to get back on our “normal” schedule of Board Meetings.  As you may have heard, Mike and Jeanne Daw were delayed on returning to the neighborhood due to medical reasons, but they are back now – which should make it easier to maintain our schedule of meeting on the morning of the third Saturday in every month – with odd numbered months being “Open Board Meetings” (held at the Zimmerman Fire Station and even numbered months being “Board Workshops” (held at a Board Member’s house).  Rest assured that any issues of significance will be discussed at the Open Board Meetings. 


On that note – your Board had our Board Workshop (the first since the Member Meeting) this past Saturday (6/26) and you should be seeing the summary of that meeting (including the financial statements for May and June, and the updated HOA 2021 Budget) posted on the website very soon.




This spring has been a very busy time for both our Board Members working on the Roads Committee (Jason Kreth and Brad Smith) and our contractor (Gruber Excavating), but we still expect them to be on site sometime in the coming month (July).  As you heard during the Member Meeting, Jason and Brad toured the HOA Road system (as well as the roads along the river) with Gruber in early May and we are awaiting more detailed cost estimates.  At this time, there are two roads that need some special attention for safety reasons (McGee Lane and a portion of Craigle Lane near the intersection of Emmett Road).  We will have Gruber tackle those road sections first and then focus on Favorite Gulch Road - at least that is our plan for now.  As you likely have heard before, please contact me (info@edh-hoa.com) or Jason (j.kreth@yahoo.com) if you have any road concerns.


Lake Recreation Area


We were able to spruce things up a bit with the help of a lot of you during the Annual Workday and the place is ready for the summer.  I’m seeing the activity around the facility start to grow now that summer is full swing.  Mike’s delayed return (and the increased pricing of building materials) is impacting the proposed expansion of the boat slips from 8 to 12.  That said, we have leased the 4 slips for the summer and the HOA is enjoying the extra revenue ($400/slip).  Mike and the rest of the Board are looking at several options to make sure that we have the capacity to handle the extra boats we are expecting on our busiest weekends.  More to come on that.


FY21 Dues Collections


Thanks to all of you that have paid your FY21 HOA Dues – we only have 12 lots that are delinquent.  Three of these are what I refer to as “chronic” nonpayers and we are working to place liens on those properties.  Of the remaining nine, there are a few that are likely late simply because they are absentee owners and we are having difficulty connecting.  Finally, there are several lot owners that are choosing not to pay their dues and we will continue to collect those dues.  Our goal is to clear those chronic nonpayers as quickly as possible and to achieve 100% dues collection before the year is out.


EDH HOA Picnic


We are planning to have the HOA picnic on August 14.th at 12 pm at the waterfront shelter and boat docks.  Last year’s picnic was a great success and we hope this years will be even better.  Put it on your calendar and plan on attending and meeting more of your neighbors. Please consider bringing a POT LUCK dish such as appetizers, salads or desserts. The Board will supply the hamburgers, hotdogs, fixings and drinks. 


Next Board Meeting


The next Board Meeting will be July 17 at 10:00am at the Zimmerman Fire Station.  This will be an “open” Board Meeting, and all are invited to attend.


Thanks, and I hope you have a safe and enjoyable summer.



To view the minutes of the annual meeting and other related documents, go to the PRIVATE PAGES of the website.