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May 19 President’s Message


EDH HOA Members 


The Annual Workday and the Members Meeting are behind us.  I think the weather had it in for us for the Workday.  It was beautiful till Friday and then the warm temperatures went south, and the wind was miserable.  Still, we had a great turnout and we managed to clean up the pavilion and the surrounding areas.  We did some painting and I think we are ready for the season.  Thanks to all who donated a few hours of your weekend.


The Annual Member Meeting was well attended, and we had some great discussions on a number of important topics.  A special thanks to Matt and Star Daw for allowing us the use of their event barn on the Summer Star Ranch.  Temperatures were a little cooler than I would have hoped for, but the building allowed us to spread out and have some good fellowship.  The “DRAFT” Member Meeting Minutes are going to be available on the website – in the Members Only Section – along with a number of attachments related to budgets and bylaws.  While the Board has reviewed these minutes, they will not be finalized until the next Members Meeting.  I urge each of you to take a few minutes on the website looking at these minutes and attachments.


The “working” portion of the meeting can be broken down into three major topics – budgets and priorities, bylaws updates, and the Board election.


Member participation in the budget and priorities discussion was very helpful for me and the rest of the Board and provided us with some clear marching orders for the coming year.  While we were not able to spend as much time as I would have wanted on the proposed bylaw amendments, we were able to touch on a few key points.  I urge all of you to look over the attachment to the minutes related to bylaw changes.  When Mike and Jeanne get back to Montana, we will be working with you on making the appropriate changes.  Finally, the Board election yielded what I consider a very strong “forward looking” leadership team for the coming year.  In addition to returning Mike, Brad, Jason and myself to the Board, Kelly McDermott was added to round out the team.  Following the Member Meeting, the new Board got together and decided that Kelly would be Vice President; Brad would continue as Secretary; Jason would take on the duties of Treasurer; Mike would be our Member at Large; and I would continue as President.  I am excited to get started on the many priorities that you put in front of us for the coming year.


Boat Registration


If you intend to launch your boat and/or dock it at the boat dock this coming year, please make sure that you email Mike Daw a copy of your boat registration so that he can issue you an El Dorado Heights boat owner sticker.  As discussed at the meeting, this sticker needs to be displayed on your boat and will allow us to easily identify member boats and hopefully eliminate non-members from taking your boat dock space.  Mike is also finalizing a set of rules / guidelines for the use of the Lake Recreation Area that we will have displayed at the facility and will also be available online.


FY21 Dues Collections


Thanks to all of you that have paid your FY21 HOA Dues – we already have over 75% participation.  We will be reaching out to those that have not yet paid over the next few weeks.  Our goal is 100%!  We will keep you posted.  


Enjoy your spring!



To view the minutes of the annual meeting and other related documents, go to the PRIVATE PAGES of the website.